Sangbo Large Square Scarf Lightweight and Soft Scarf for Women Gift idea Fashion Purple KMDPHVAIX

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100%TwillMaterial:Silk twill,soft and breathable ,high quality hand curling scarvesProduct features:Unique printing technology, first-class manufacturing processPacking:Packed by a personal box, it can be served as gifts to families or friendsSize:16 momme,35*35 inches large enough for wearing as a head scarf or shawlWashing precautions:Hand wash only(low temperature) .Do not bleach.Do not wring

Audrey Hepburn once said: When I wear a scarf, I never felt so clearly that I was such a beautiful woman.”Scarvesarenotasimpledecoration,butalsoakindofromanticfeelingsthatcannotbegivenup .

Our scarf is innovative in the selection of fabrics, style design, flower development and other aspects. While keeping traditional style, not losing the charm of modern fashion at the same time.
The scarf can be worn in the strong sunlight for physical sunscreen,it can be also worn in the air conditioning room,for resisting the damage of the neck of the air conditioner.
The scarf contains 18 kinds of amino acids, can prevent skin aging, accelerate the metabolism of cells, has special nursing function for human skin and it can be used as pillow towel.
Create different styles by tying different knots.
Our scarf can be used as a headcloth, shawl,belt, it can be used as an ornament on a handbag or hat,it also can be worn on different occasions.
Our scarf is light and comfortable. Small size, easy to carry, can be used at any time.
Guarantee:30-day money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our scarf. You can return it for a full refund!

Sangbo Large Square Scarf Lightweight and Soft Scarf for Women Gift idea Fashion Purple KMDPHVAIX

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